Dear Golfer,

Thank you for your interest in Essex Golf Center. We have some new, exciting plans for 2015, and I am very happy to bring my tour proven programs to the New Jersey Golf Academy!

Along with my trained staff of teaching professionals and our state-of-the-art technology, we have created a tour pro environment that gives students the opportunity to improve their skills in a comfortable setting.

Golfers at New Jersey Golf Academy will experience what the best professionals in the world have access to on a weekly basis. This includes a lively mix of work in aspects of the game, including club fitting, golf-specific fitness, and access to the most advanced technology in the world, all under the same roof.

Please take a few moments to browse our website and learn more about New Jersey Golf Academy and what we have to offer. We will be providing a variety of lesson programs and packages throughout the season, so please check with one of our professionals to help tailor a program that directly fits your needs.

Looking forward to meeting you and seeing you on the lesson tee soon!


Jason Birnbaum

Director of Golf Instruction