Jim Beadle is a Class “A” PGA Professional, TPI Certified Level 3 Golf Instructor, TPI Certified Level 3 Junior Coach and a K-Vest Certified Level 3 Biomechanist. Jim is based at The New Jersey Golf Academy at Essex Golf Center in Roseland, New Jersey.

Jim has been building better golfers for over 15 years utilizing many high tech devices such as Trackman, Flightscope, K-Vest 3D Motion Capture, SAM Putt Lab, SAM Balance Lab, High Speed Video, TOMI Putting and more. He believes that every golfer has certain physical limitations that are directly related to their individual swing flaws so by combining a TPI physical workout routine, K-Vest Biomechanical training and Doppler ball flight data analysis, we can find the most efficient way for the body swing connection to be obtained. Efficiency is the key to playing your best golf and this system of training is the way to achieve the best results in the most efficient time.

Jim Beadle
PGA Teaching Professional