Technology has revolutionized the way we play and practice the game of golf. Tour pros rely on data and technology to improve their games, so why shouldn’t everyone else?

The technology at the New Jersey Golf Academy is second to none. In our TruGolf simulators, which set the industry standard, we offer year-round practice and instruction opportunities, and the ability to book time and play competitively against friends. In-depth Golf Swing Analysis Software (GASP) enables our instructors to examine and analyze swings in tremendous detail, and even communicate with students from afar over the internet.

The NJGA offers a suite of technology usually found only in PGA Tour vans, including:
– Trackman
– FlightScope
– K-Vest
– SAM Puttlab

Trackman technology is revolutionizing golf instruction. It has become the industry’s gold standard and is being used by the top players and coaches around the world. Trackman is the leader in ball flight and club data measurements, and is teaching golfers the “new ball flight laws.” Simply put, Trackman measures every single thing that takes place during the one-billionth of a second that the golf ball and clubhead are in contact at impact, something even the best high speed cameras in the world can’t detect. There are huge advantages to any golfer that has access to this

FlightScope is a leader in production and manufacturing of 3D Doppler radar launch monitors. This technology is used to track and monitor the integral information about every shot a user hits. FlightScope can provide information about the club, swing, and ball in 24 different variables of measurement. It is impossible for the naked eye to be able to decipher some of the most important components of each shot, but FlightScope makes this possible. Every swing is documented and registers on the software for analysis. This device is critical for top instructors as a tool to improve the player’s game.

GASP Systems stands for Golf Swing Analysis Software and is the official company we use for analyzing swing video. It includes high speed video, integrated 3D motion analysis, force platform data, ball flight data and club data along with the ability to communicate with students via the internet. Due to the significance of the internet in today’s world, GASP provides a unique teacher/student relationship on a user friendly system.

K-Vest is a revolutionary fitness and golf integrated technology pioneering the golf performance industry. This device is vital to improve golf posture by giving the player instant feedback about how the body moves while providing real-time visual and auditory feedback. K-Vest is an efficient training aid via 3D swing analysis to improve all levels of play in less time.

SAM PuttLab is a state-of-the-art putting device measuring the most critical information of the putter. SAM is an acronym for Science and Motion consisting of ultrasound sensory analysis measurements that can detect the slightest deficiencies in the stroke. This device analyzes the 28 most important parameters of your putting stroke and displays the information in easy reading graphic reports. This gives the player instant feedback and will identify the player’s strengths and weaknesses to promote more effective and efficient training.